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Wings Native Bracelet


Image of Wings Native Bracelet Image of Wings Native Bracelet

Introducing the Wings Native Bracelet.

Each Bracelet is unique and will differ from the next, making each collectible.

Every Wings Native Bracelet features vintage 1930s white heart beads, sterling silver beads, and beautiful tortoise shell beads.

White heart beads were produced in Italy from the late 1800's - early 1900's. Their name references the core of white glass at the center of the bead. Back then, red glass was made using real gold, so these beads were very expensive to produce. In order to conserve the red/gold glass, it was wound around a white core. When strung, the white is hardly visible - but if you lay the beads with the hole facing up, you can see the white at the heart of each bead.

every order includes

- 1 Wings Native Bracelet