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Wings Strings - SUPERNOVA

$5.00 - On sale

Image of Wings Strings - SUPERNOVA Image of Wings Strings - SUPERNOVA

We are proud to present to you - Wings Strings: the most stylish and durable kendama strings on the market!

Wings Strings were designed with the utmost playability, versatility, and attention to detail.

Each color pack of Wings Strings are labeled with the name of its theme. Every pack includes a variety of string sizes to fit your personal play style (4 strings total), 2 extra fast spinner beads, and a coordinating sticker for each color-way.

All strings are individually cut to size (10+ fingers), burned ends for ultimate stringing ease, and packed with love and care.

SUPERNOVA: ft. 4 strings, 2 spinner beads
- 1 Thick Lavender string
- 1 Thick Salmon string
- 1 Thin Coral string
- 1 Thin Salmon string